9 sources with free assets for Video Games 2020

We collected 9 sources with free assets for video games so that you can master the art of game design / development

If you ever wanted to create video game or you are just beggining to learn how to code with Game Engine Unity, Unreal, Cocos or some other game engine, then we have the ultimate list with free assets for video games.

For each Link there is also a description for the kind of assets that you will find. Keeps in mind that in some cases you might need a free account to download game assets.

List me free assets for creating video games

1. Freesound.org

Sound clips, , music and sound effects for your games. You can preview the audio before downloading. You need to Register / Login.

2. Flashkit.com

Flashkit.com in the early 2000 was one of my favorites. They no longer add content to the site but there are more than enough audio clips, sound loops and graphics (graphics are ok but let’s say that their strong point are the sounds. You can preview the audio files before downloading. No need for Register or Login.

3. Opengameart.org

Wow, wow, wow! A web page where you can download graphics for you games or the learning proccess. 2D graphics to be precise in several styles, which artists from all over the world are uploading. No need for Register / Login

4. Game Art 2D

Several 2D graphics here, which you can download to create cool prototypes or if you are just new and learning. This page has paid assets as well in case you are interested. In order to get the free goodies, select Freebies from the menu. No Register / Login is required.

5. Free 3D

Great library with 3D objects. Also you can find paid models but the free assets are hundreds from a variety of categories like organic, buildings, props, etc. No Register / Login is required

6. Unity Asset Store

Official market place of Game engine Unity. You will find lots of free assets from a variety of subjects like sounds, code, plugin, addons, models, 2Dgraphics, textures, materials. You need to have a Unity ID which is free to get.

7. Mixamo

The ultimate freebies site when you need an animated character. They have a lot of models ready to download and a big animation library which is compatible with every model that you see in mixamo.

If you are using Unity, Mixamo can export directly to unity compatible format. You will need an account which you create for free.

8. Turbosquid

This page offers paid models mostly but they also have a free area with 3d models. To download the free models you need to create a free account.

9. Unreal market place

Official market place of unreal engine. You will find paid and free assets for your games or prototypes. It is a good case to use this market place especialy if you are using Unreal Engine.

Other sources with free assets for video games;

These are the 9 sources i reccomend. I am sure that there are tons of other sources outhere with freestuff. Drop me a comment if i forgot any.

Bonus round!

We had a suggestion with the website https://kenney.nl/ which has cool and fun free assets! thank you AHASANUL

Anyone else, add them as comments. I will aprove them as long as they are not spam or weird stuff 🙂

November 6, 2019

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