Data recovery

Did you deleted your files? , the hard drive or USB stick crashed ? No problem...

Data retrieval is not such a difficult process. Using the right tools and if the degree of damage is small, you can recover your lost photos and documents.

You lost your files? Don’t Panic!! (that much!)

There are several free tools out there that you can use to retrieve them! Below we will present you with a list of these tools.


RecoveRx is a free and open source file recovery program that has been deleted.

It is an application with user-friendly interface (it is very easy to learn, he).

It can search both hard drives and other storage media such as USB stick, external drives, memory cards, etc. To find the photos, documents, sounds, videos and whatever else we’re looking for.

Its creator claims that RecoveRx can recover files even if it has been Format. Click the button below, Download nowto download it.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Another interesting-and of course free!-application to recover data from common media (hard drives, USB stick, memory cards, MP3 players) is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

The creator argues that it works even with discs that have been hit and not recognized (very interesting). Use this application if you want to recover data up to 2GB. Click on the link below Download now to download it


Recuva gets you out of trouble when you lose files (photos, documents, sounds, videos, etc) and retrieves them with a high success rate.

It is made by the creators of Ccleaner

It is a free application, without many requirements from your computer. Click the Download now link below to download it.

Data Recovery Programs

All of these applications are based on the fact that they find our files written on the disc. This means that the chances of recovery are greatly increased if the recovery attempt is made immediately after the deletion of data.

Do not allow days to delete as new files will be in the same areas as the old ones, so recovery will not be possible.

We’re also talking about free apps, so the possibilities are limited. There are special services offered by companies out there for payment. If you have files of great value (monetary or emotional) try the free tools we presented first and then you can contact one of the companies that provide recovery of deleted files.

What can I do to avoid file loss?

The answer is only one dear. Often take backups to keep your head quiet.

November 4, 2019

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