Extend your laptop battery life

Συμβουλές που θα σας γλιτώσουν χρόνο και χρήμα

How to extend you laptop battery life to last longer;

This is so importand and what is even more important: How can we accomplish that:

Is it possible to increase life of laptop battery;

From time to time, several tips and tricks made their appearance on internet. From battery baking to battery freezing. Even magic sometimes 🙂
All these myths are most likely hoaxes and serve like farming purposes.
We are going to present to you some usefull tips that will increase the battery life of you laptop battery.
Let’s not forget that laptops are meant to be portable, therefore their battery must last a couple of hours

Tips for extending battery life on laptops.

Never leave the battery go to 0%. keep a low limit threshhold at about 10%. When it reaches at 15-10% charge it.
Do not overheat the battery by any way. If in any case the battery is overheated, close the laptop and remove the battery to cool down. Also if you are charging the laptop and it’s overheating then you definately have a problem. Take the laptop to an IT expert.

After the laptop is charged, leave for 15mins to cool and then open the laptop for use

The battery has charge cycles like all batteries

It is importand to make a full charge. Leaving the charger for 20mins, then remove it, then again it is bad.
Even half charged is considered a full cycle. Battery life is signifaly reduced from that practise

Always remeber the 10% rule. Do not charge your laptop when at 50% or more, there is no point of doing that. You will reduce in time the capacity / effeciency of the battery.

Do not leave the battery uncharged for a long period of time. If you want to store the battery, charge at 30%, then remove from the laptop

If you tend to store the battery for more that 6 months, keep in mind that you will have to put the battery back on, take it to 5%, then charge again at 30%. Repeat this every 6 months

Laptop Battery life

When you are at home, work with the charger not the battery
Don’t put the laptop on soft surfaces like the bed because you are closing the air vents which has a result of temperature increase.

If it is possible, buy a laptop base with a fan. They cost like 15$

November 23, 2019

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