How to structure data in excel workbooks

Get your data prepared for structured data format in excel workbooks

If you are using Excel for your valuable reports, it is important that you know how to structure data in excel workbooks or sheets. While some layouts are giving a good visualizing report, others are more flexible to use.

Spreadsheet reports. Highly formated? think again…

The following images shows small reports from a big set of data that are summarized in small blocks.

excel data

When you have Spreadsheet reports that are highly formatted and summarized data appear in blocks in a fancy way with cool and colourfull design may seems like a good idea and sometimes it is if you are an executive or managment user but…

If you need to proccess those data as a whole, it is quite difficult if not imposible. Best practices in data require that the data will be in a certain format.

Tabular data is nice

Tabular data

When it comes to presentation, tabular data is not the best option but it gives you so much flexibility to make reports and export specific data from your dataset.

Keep in mind that you dataset might be thousands of lines. You need a quick way to make reports for your department or supervisor.

So the best way to organise your big dataset is

  1. Keep the formating simple
  2. Type in data in tabular format
  3. Each data in a seperate column
  4. Report to seperate worksheets

Organize your excel data and get reports to seperate files or worksheets. That way you can redo some reports with the same raw data. Just like an expert

November 17, 2019

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