Mass (automatic) friend delete from Facebook

Γέμισε η λίστα φίλων σου με περίεργους τύπους και τύπισσες; δες πως μπορείς να απαλλαγείς άμεσα και εύκολα

At some point of our digital social life we have sent or received friend requests from people that we knew little or not at all. Old colleagues or people that we met at that bar. If we don’t interact with them, there is no reason to keep a large friend list. The wise people says better quality over quantity when it comes to friends.

Delete your friends from Facebook platform

Wee, you can start deleting your friends inside Facebook but you will have to do it manually and one by one. For the record, if you actually choose to remove one by one your hundreds of friends, go to your home page, choose friends tab and choose delete friend from the icon next to the friend you want to delete.

Mass Facebook friend delete

This is only for Chrome users, since there is a plugin which will do the purge for you!

Plugin is called Friend remover pro and it is safe to use.

After installation, Visit Facebook page and click the plugin icon.

You will get all of your friends

  1. Choose the ones that game is over
  2. Confirm
November 22, 2019

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