Unity Visual Studio autocomplete not working fix!

Hello hello!, autocomplete (or intellisense) is a function that makes coding easier to be writen!

Sometimes when you open Visual Studio, you notice that the editor is not recognizing the commands and functions that you type. (Wow! how frustruting is that!)

This makes coding extremely hard to write because you must remember not only the syntax but also keep an eye in lower/upper case since coding in C# is case sensitive.

Fix the autocomplete problem in Visual Studio and Unity

  1. Open unity at your current project.
  2. Go edit -> Preferences
  3. Click at external tools
  4. Choose Visual studio from External Script Editor
  5. You’re done!
Unity preferences
Unity preferences

Unity is one of the fastest growing game engines. More than 45% of the mobile apps are made with unity.

You can join community groups all over the world. Since i am Greek, i reccomend you to join our Greek unity community.

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April 15, 2020

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