Hololens in industry 4.0

How industry is adopting Microsoft Hololens for education and tech support?

I was in Belgrade where a seminar was held from Tetrapack about Industry 4.0. More specific how can we implement technologies like hololens in industry 4.0

A lot of important information was provided through the seminar and we learned about the benefits of the new industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0

Before i go into the hololens stuff which i found very interesting, i would like to bare with me for a moment and read about industry 4.0 which is related with IT and IoT, Cloud computing, big data, analytics, etc.

Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exhanche in manufactoring technologies. It is a mixture of Cyber – physical systems, IoT, cloud computing and cognitive computing.

It is reffered as the fourth industrial revolution (see image below)

Industry 4.0 revolutions
industrial revolutions

With industry 4.0 and its modules / components, we can create the so called “smart factory” where everything is connected to each other and data are gathered almost real time from every corner in the factory.

Physical systems communicate and cooperate with each other and with humans in real-time add value to production line not only inside the factory, but in several factories all over the world that are connected.

During the seminar we had a session where the scenario was that a technician was on customer site and had a problem with a plc.

She connected to service center and through hololens she managed to overcome the troubleshooting and repair the issue.

Very interesting was the fact that she could use both her hands while she was repairing and she could read any manuals or instructions with out having to worry about dirty hands.

The future: Digitalization

Well, if i remember one word from the seminar, that word is Digitalization. Without digitalization, we cannot go through the new instrustry 4.0 revolution. It is was makes things to connect each other.

Hololens in industry 4.0

is definately going to be implemented in the future (and other mixed reality hardware manufacturers of course) and i am looking foward to see more.

Hopefully, this is going to happen and to other sections like industrial training or technical education!

Watch the entire video and enjoy. Leave a comment if you want to ask something

31 Μαΐου, 2019

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